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Ten Plagues, All at Once

Dear Japanese friends:

This issue will reach you at the time when the people of Israel are celebrating Pesach.

Exodus of Jews from Egypt is probably the most significant collective event in human history. Every year it is being remembered by two billion Christians and fourteen million Jews.

Why do our faiths give such prominence to the story of Exodus-Pesah?

It would be enough reason to do so since each chapter of the Torah and the Gospels either directly mentions the Exodus or is indirectly linked to it. The Pesach only seems to be just a plain story of the Jewish tribe getting out of slavery. If we look at the inner meaning, it is a story of a human being overcoming the bondage of his egotistic nature, his constant urge to desire, to wish more and more material possessions (the Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzraim, akin to the Hebrew root rotze, to wish) and passing over (that's why it's Passover) to the freedom of serving the Almighty and to co-creating with Him.

Another reason why the Feast of Pesach merits worldwide attention is that the Exodus led to the formation of the Jewish nation as the priest of humanity, the spiritual pioneer, who plays the part of mankind’s confessor, as well as to the Giving of the Torah – the manual for serving God and co-creating with Him.

Deliverance from the slavery of one’s own egotistic desires is a personal task of each and every one of us; it was Jesus who lifted it to universal level by proving with his own example that soul is immortal, that death is not to be feared, and that each of us can do his own Exodus from the slavery of our flesh and fear. If Moses addressed his Let my people go at the Pharaoh, Jesus addressed Let my spirit go to our own egos. Easter is the Pesach that Jesus gifted to the people; it is an individual Exodus, and this struggle never stopped for a second in every human soul.

Yet a Jewish Pesach on the group level is a rare thing. It is a symbol of a whole nation being dedicated to God. It is a symbol of hope for a crowning event of world history – a world Pesach – when the whole mankind comes to see itself as one people dedicated to serving the Lord.

Mankind has progressed towards this world Pesach in the stages marked by the Jews’ national Exoduses.

God chose Israel not to rule, govern, or subjugate. Rather, every time humanity has found itself at a spiritual impasse with Babylon – a new totalitarian ideology, be it the King's cult in Ancient Egypt or Rome, Nazism, Communism or Islamism - getting the upper hand, the Jews’ mission has been to give the world a new quantum of light – an impulse of spiritual knowledge for defeating Babylon and providing a new understanding of eternal Truths, thus elevating the nations to ever-higher levels of spiritual freedom and spiritual responsibility – getting them closer to the universal Pesach.

The most mysterious and miraculous law of Jewish history consists in the following. Although the Jews always prepared their spiritual explosion in the Diaspora, they were able to bring it to pass only by concentrating their spirit within a narrow material vessel of special qualities: the Land of Israel.

Every new Revelation occurred through a new Jewish Exodus.

When God liberated Israel from its Egyptian exile, the message conveyed by Revelation through Moses was that the Creator is one, that all people are equal, and that there are certain inviolable spiritual laws.

Israel ’s return from the Babylonian captivity gave rise to the Second Temple era’s most powerful prophetic movement, a movement of repentance and catharsis. Besides the great spiritual heritage created by Jewish sages and prophets of the Second Temple era, the “light unto nations” became passed along an avenue unexpected to the Jews – through the persona of Jesus, and this is how billions of people came to know the God of Israel.

Both times, the spiritual laws transmitted to the world through Israel widened the scope both of human freedom and of human responsibility, thus averting a global crisis.

Israel has now returned once again to the Promised Land, after a horrific two-thousand-year exile.

The purpose of this latest, third Exodus is to bring the world yet one more Revelation, a new liberating and elevating spiritual impulse: the advent of the Messianic era.

But every time the Almighty returns Israel to the Promised Land, in order that the Jews may carry out their mission, a frightful attack by the forces of evil accompanies their return, attempting to prevent it. Babylon attacks Jerusalem.

That is what happened at the Exodus from Egypt. The Almighty hardened Pharaoh’s heart and Pharaoh tried to annihilate the Jewish nation.

Before the Jews left the Babylonian exile, the evil Haman plotted to destroy the entire Jewish nation, but Esther and Mordechai thwarted his plans.

When in Europe Zionism was developing apace, and Providence was preparing the Jews’ final Exodus and the restoration of Israel – the Messianic turning point leading to the “restoration of all things” – the Nazis attempted to destroy to a man the builders of this new Temple – but Israel was reborn nonetheless.

Islamism wants to complete what Hitler could not accomplish. We are witnesses to Babylon’s latest attack, and let’s hope that this one is the last and inevitably doomed.

Unfortunately for the Jews and the whole world, for Israel the current Exodus is not complete, either spiritually or physically. Physically, Israel is being prevented from returning completely to the Promised Land. The Jews are being prevented from returning to Hebron, Bethlehem, Beit-El, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – the Jewish holy places in Judea and Samaria, to which God has commanded the Jews to return to from Egypt. These Jewish biblical places, the heartland of our tiny state, are maliciously termed by the Moslem propaganda and the international community as ‘The West Bank” or “occupied territories”.

Israel ’s critics conveniently ignore the fact that there are 22 Arab countries, and there’s only one Jewish country. 22 Arab countries, put together, are almost the size of entire North America.

The territory of Israel is slightly bigger than the Japanese Shikoku Island.

And these 22 Arab countries deceived the world into demanding to divide this tiny Jewish Shikoku and give half of its land to create a 23 rd Arab state (the so called "Palestinian state") in order to bring peace!

If we imagine the Arab countries as one football field, Israel is the size of a matchbook on this field. So if you take half of this matchbook and have it join the field, how will this bring about peace?

Israel ’s return to Judea, Samaria, and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is of colossal value for the whole world. It will be the restoration of harmony and completeness, wholesomeness and normalcy; it is how the world will become one again – when a family will mean a husband and a wife, rather than a man and four concubines (as in Islam) or a man+a man, and a woman+a woman (as in homosexual "families" of the post-Christian Europe). When the world assembly will mean a gathering of sages from all over the world, rather than of dictators and corrupt plutocracies, such as the UN. When the world power center will also be the center of wisdom and holiness, and all the nations, like equal brothers, will gather at their father’s table in Jerusalem.

If Exodus is not complete, the fault lies with Israel itself, of course – it had to become spiritually whole first. Lack of spiritual wholeness led to lack of territorial wholeness. Thus Jewish slavery in Egypt came about through their own fault. Yet this did not absolve the Pharaoh, and God punished him.

Today the ban imposed by the world community that prevents Israel from returning to Judea and Samaria, from completing our Third and final Exodus, is exactly like the Pharaoh’s interdiction – and just like Egypt drew God’s anger and plagues, so does today’s world.

The International Pharaoh today is the Islamic block, which, along with the cowardly appeasing West, is keeping Israel away from its land. As a result, the world suffers from ten plagues. Today, the whole world is Egypt, and the ten plagues are taking place in front of us. He who has eyes shall see.

It is true that the plagues have become more sophisticated and selective; now the righteous men and women can individually escape these plagues here and there. However, all countries will suffer for their perverse and harmful policy, whose litmus test is the support of the “Palestinian cause”, whose task is to destroy Israel and prevent the new Exodus.

Modern despots live in the neverending Egyptian darkness. They have nothing to lose. Modern plagues mostly hurt progressive American, European, and other democracies – just like they had hurt prosperous Pharaonic Egypt, the centerpiece of the ancient world. For these modern prosperous states have hardened their hearts not only towards Israel, but also towards everything holy and wholesome inside themselves.

Today all these plagues have been unleashed on the world not consecutively, but simultaneously. If we look at the ten Egyptian plagues, we’ll see that it is the form that has changed, not the essence.

The first plague was the turning of water into blood. Yet in the Bible water is the symbol of faith. Today in Europe the living water of Christianity has been replaced by post-Christianity; humanism, by political correctness; altruism, by masochism and capitulation to Islamism. Political correctness seems to be using the same words, the same good intentions, but look at the vile results! So is blood – it is liquid like water, but it is not potable, not natural (taboo!) for use, and it is the liquid that “made the Nile stink”.

The second plague of Egypt was frogs that became omnipresent, entering “into thy house, and thy bedchamber” – something creepy, rather than evoking anger. In many cultures, a frog stands for perversion, which in many forms – from homosexuality to cultivating children’s reporting on their parents – has become ubiquitous in the West, corrupting the households and the privacy of bedchambers.

The Pharaoh declared the first two plagues acts of sorcery (his own priests managed to perform the same miracles) – that is, man-made, or “historic objective laws”.

Similarly, today learned experts maintain that post-Christianity and the disintegration of family are the consequence of certain cultural and social processes and a natural stage of development of post-industrial society, and the achievement (for some, the fault) of democracy and free market.

Yet to accuse freedom of debauchery constitutes slander against man’s free spirit, i.e. God himself. You can preserve the freedom of expression or trade or politics without losing the ability to tell the good from the evil; you can find inner power to reject what is immoral, though not necessarily illegal.

The next plagues were gnats, beasts, pestilence, boils, and hail. Angered by the sins of the collective Pharaoh called “world’s public opinion”, God sent down the gnats of corruption; the wild beasts of terrorism that tear people apart in the streets and in their homes; pestilence in the form of economic woes; boils as disintegration of social institutions and seats of authority; and, finally, the hail in the form of natural disasters, which lately have grown exponentially.

Yet the Pharaoh of the Left-wing Establishment only hardens hearts and refuses to acknowledge these signs.

Plague number eight, Locusts, is of especial interest. They devour bread, while man’s bread stands for God’s word. Post-Christianity of liberal society is trying to “cleanse” God from every place but the church; like locusts, it eats through the spirit of every social institution and state structure (it comes to absurdity, when British Airways hostesses were not allowed to wear their crosses over their uniforms), while rooting out every single green twig of Christian tradition and faith. If you catch a locust, it is easy to squash with your fingers; the lies of political correctness are small and fragile, but their power lies in their mass nature and their media influence.

The ninth plague was when the entire land of Egypt was plunged into darkness, when its people sat petrified without seeing their own hands. Today it is the total darkness of common sense, the loss of moral compass – the apathy that now has the civilized world in its grip.

Israel and its Christian Allies must warn the world of these plagues.

Israel and the born again Christians, that branch grafted into the tree of Israel, must be the collective Moses who addressed the Pharaoh of the world.

Yet Israel, too, is in no haste to break out off this slavery. It has reconciled itself to it; it believes that the road to the Promised Land is closed.

This has already come to pass, too. " but they did not listen to Moses from anguish of spirit, and from hard service".(Exodus 6:9)

Today Israelis again refuse to believe that God shall deliver them from Palestinians, that one should stick to one’s principles, without bending, without surrendering a single word of God’s promise or an inch of the Promised Land. Israel loses its faith out of impatience for peace and fatigue of hard work – it is not easy to bear the multiple burdens of anti-Semitism, condemnation from the side of UN and world opinion, constant war and terror attacks.

Yet when the Almighty will pounce on the world with His tenth plague, when Jihad will bring death on the horrifying scale to every house of every nation of the liberal world – only then will the hardened nations realize that this is the war on Islamism is the war on the new Satanism, and Israel is our flag in this war – a flag that should be held high to deprive the enemy of the hope that he could break us spiritually.

Then will the nations plead with Israel to complete its Exodus and hasten him as the Pharaoh hastened Moses to start off for the Promised Land, to serve the God of Israel by taking Hebron and Bethlehem and the Temple Mount and begin constructing the Temple – right away, this very night – and to begin serving God and pray to Him for those “liberal” nations who hardened their hearts and thus suffered God’s punishment (as the Pharaoh pleaded with Moses to “pray for me”). Then Israel has to be ready to go, shoed and dressed, as they did one the night of Pesach.

Israel will have to leave fast, for the modern collective Pharaoh of UN and the West may change his mind, ignoring the tears and moans in his own house. What have I done, he will wonder, by letting Israel go? I suffered damages (the West conveniently uses Israel as a scapegoat to pay off the Islamists). What have I done by acknowledging the God of Israel as the Almighty and forsaking my own Gods – the crocodile of profit and the lamb of political correctness?

Then, in a fit of insanity, the UN and the West may chase the leaving tribe of Israel – only to perish in the long run. Or perhaps they won’t. It is the task of the Moseses of Israel and of the born-again Christians to talk about it and deliver warnings. The Exodus may take place without Plague Ten. It is still in our power to avoid it.

My dear Japanese friends! Friends of Israel! You must plead with Israel not to doubt God’s promise, no matter what, no matter how big is international pressure on Israel to abandon its Exodus, to halt the return to its heartland for the sake of "peace process and a Palestinian state". You must plead with the modern Pharaohs who govern the world today to let Israel go.

As Israel will return to its natural borders in Judea and Samaria, your own countries will also return it their natural ways: to rebuilding the family, the well-being, the security, and the faith.

Together we'll overcome all the Pharaohs and will cross the sea.

Happy Pesach!


Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky is director of The Jerusalem Summit, an Israel-bases think-tank www.jerusalemsummit.org
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