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The Obama Amendment

To defeat terrorism the economic relations between the US and Moslem world should hinge on the cessation of gender and religious apartheid by the latter. Now that will be a global Change

Dear Mr. President:

If God installed you at the helm of a great nation, this means He has a plan for you. He has hopes for you, and huge ones, just as He does for every leader with enormous power. If you are a true Christian, then you should be able to relate to this Jewish view of Providence.

So what is your historic mission? In order to find out one’s mission, one must look at oneself, rather than at the public opinion polls. If God has sent our soul to find shelter in the particular body – the family – the nation - that it did, then our mission is first and foremost a function of these factors: our family, our nationality, and faith.

Our duty to these easily outweighs one to our fellow citizens. It is easy to change your citizenship; harder to change your faith; impossible - your ethnicity.

When applied to politics, this becomes a law: if a public figure cannot be of use to his immediate family, then what good is he to his extended family – his nation?

Hence, a fundamental question: what is the good that you are planning to achieve in the first place for your ethnic family – the Africans – and your fellows in faith – Christians?

Africa is the longest-suffering continent. As usual, the whites are to blame. They are guilty indeed - of bending under the pressure from the Soviet bloc and the aggressive naivete of the Left. Instead of using African resources to transform colonialism and develop a civil society (which is always a slow process, impossible without rooting it in Biblical standards), they just cowardly fled and abandoned the black continent to local “democratically elected” hoodlums who plunged Africa into rack and ruin while robbing it blind.

Mullahs and liberals rejoiced to see African colonialism replaced by cannibalism and Islamism. Especially the latter, since it is Africa – not Israel – that today bears the main thrust of jihad. Radical Islam is seeking to turn the black continent green. Already it rules half the continent. Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Congo and Sudan are awash in blood. It is your brothers, black Christians, who are being massacred by entire villages; they are literally crucified on trees or being threatened with death lest they convert to Islam. Just a few weeks ago – when the entire world shed the crocodile tears for the Hamas terrorists in Gaza – in Congo an armed gang of Islamists calling themselves an "Army of Allah" has crammed 150 black Christians into a village church and then cut them all into pieces. There was not a single protest in the world.

Besides military jihad, the Saudi Arabia is waging socio-economic jihad in Africa, as it builds hundreds of mosques. Their supporters point out that the Saudis are building schools and clinics, too. But, unlike their Christian counterparts, these facilities are available to sick and illiterate Africans only upon their conversion to Islam – specifically, its Wahhabi version, which produces thousands of new jihadists every year.

Dear Mr. President: this is the greatest Change that you can make in history. Set Africa free. You don’t even need to send American GIs. Use the soft power, which you are so fond of. Encourage your party to adopt a law – the Obama Amendment – which will make diplomatic and economic relations with Moslem countries hinging on two issues: religious freedom and women’s rights.

Religious freedom may come first: didn’t it also start the great project called America? If Christians in Islamic countries get equal rights with Moslems and can espouse and propagate their faith without fear, it will be the best weapon against Islamism. Religious apartheid ensconced in Sharia Law prohibits a religious alternative and competition in the arena of ideas; it denies every chance of reform and reinforcing moderate Islam. Thus, protecting religious freedom of minorities in Islamic countries will be the best way to spread democracy, respect for human rights, and raising the local Moslems’ living standards – just the things that your camp is so concerned about.

Gender equality is the second issue. If women in Moslem countries become equal with men – and we are talking about millions of individuals denied basic human rights – this, besides a genuine triumph of justice on enormous scale (which your US women electors cannot but appreciate), will defuse demographic, health, economic, and education crises in Africa and make women truly productive members of society. Moreover, the end to this Gender Apartheid will undermine the totalitarian ideological base of Islamism. By banning women from political life and idea generation, Islamists are blocking a path to any perception of mentality of the “other” for themselves. What democratic opposition can you talk about – what reforms?

Dear Mr. President: over thirty years ago the Congress passed Jackson-Vanik Amendment, which made trade and economic relations with the USSR dependent on freedom of expression and emigration. It was the first major breach in the Soviet defenses that made possible the end of the Evil Empire.

A similar Obama Amendment will be the greatest Change you can deliver. If you make economic and diplomatic relations with America dependent on ending the Gender and Religious Apartheid in Moslem countries, this will change the world forever. This will replace Bush’s strategy in war on terror – based on military power - and become a far more effective weapon in this war.

This will work for the entire Islamic world – not just Africa alone. Without shedding a drop of blood, Barack Obama will be the victor in the war of jihad and the Liberator of hundreds of millions of Moslems, to say nothing of tens of millions of Christians in Africa and Asia, from the evil of totalitarian Islamism.

Mr. President, this is your historic mission. Perhaps this is the reason why the Almighty brought you to The White House. No one else can “sell” this strategy – the Obama Amendment. McCain would be instantly accused of racism, chauvinism, and Christian fundamentalism. But not even the most ardent supporter of the Left could object to this Obama Amendment, and it will be taken at its face value: as an expression of genuine and highly moral concern about billions of people suffering under Sharia apartheid.

Do it for your brothers and sisters in Jesus: Christians in Africa and Asia who are persecuted and who are dying for their faith.

Do it for Americans – your fellow citizens – since this will become the single most effective measure of American national security.

Do it for your political allies, the Liberals, who proclaim that human rights are their single most important concern. And what human right is more fundamental than gender equality and freedom of conscience?

We are praying that God open your eyes to the true changes that the world needs. And we are praying that He give you the courage to implement them.

Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky is director of The Jerusalem Summit, an Israel-bases think-tank www.jerusalemsummit.org
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