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Jewish Revolution in Consciousness

Thesis on the Mission of Aliya


1. Israel has lost its raison de vivre. At the first stage of its existence, it had an objective called “Zionism”. Now Israel no longer has a national idea, a direction – a Mission. Liberals and most of the middle class sabras want to turn Israel into a moderate Middle-East Holland. Haredim want to have a Jewish Iran. Religious Zionists yearn for a Great Israel, which they purport to achieve by shifting the borders about 20 kilometers east. Yet something gets in the way of all of these plans. This “something” is not the plotting by Palestinians or any other foes, but, rather, the content of evolution, the design of the Almighty, the logic – or, to the contrary, the paradoxical nature of development of Jewish people.
2. The Russian Aliya senses this something more acutely than the rest of society. For Russian Jews, in whom the messianic nature of Russian culture merges with the genetic Jewish messianity, the lack of a higher Mission in modern Israel – a Mission higher than creating merely a safe and comfortable harbor for Jews (today Israel is one of the least safe and comfortable places for Jews, which renders the objective unattainable since it is incorrect) -- the lack of Motive that would justify the humiliation and ordeal of immigration leads to grave mass depression, resulting in departure or degradation.
3. Yet the Mission exists. It is not lost – it is merely not yet realized. If we take a brief summary of the Jewish spiritual progress, what is the Jews’ function? They are a tiny organ, a hypothalamus that affects the rest of the body of mankind. Mission of Israel consists in changing mankind’s consciousness. It has done so twice. The first time was a revelation conveyed through Moses: God is one, all men are equal, and there are spiritual laws that cannot be broken. Through Jesus, these laws were handed down to other nations. (According to Freud, anti-Semitism is not revenge for the crucifixion, but, rather, for the yoke of “Jewish” commandments forced upon pagans.)
4. Both times the spiritual laws conveyed through the Jews expanded human freedom and responsibility and led mankind out of a crisis. Right now, the world is facing a challenge as crucial as it did two and four thousands years ago. The conflicts between the North and the South, the rich and the poor, tradition and civilization, rational and irrational, organized religions and individual search for truth – all these are parts of the whole that cannot find a common thread. The world is ruled by chaos. Israel is in the eye of the storm, with all these problems concentrated in its tiny space. It is no incident that Israel has conflicts between Jews and Arabs, consciousness and instinct, Ashkenazis and Ethiopians, Orthodox and Liberals; it is here, in their explosive concentration, that an answer must be found to all these questions, similarly to the way a small dot by its vibrations turns chaos into cosmos. Prophecies sound a similar note: “Jerusalem will become a house of prayer for all peoples”, “All nations will come to learn to Jerusalem”, “New light will again emerge from Zion”, and so on.
5. What is this new light? It is new consciousness, once again conveyed to the world through the Jews, the consciousness that can bring together the opposites. This mirrors the function of hypothalamus, which brings together the two brain hemispheres, the rational and the irrational, just like geographic Israel bridges East and West. God unites; Satan rends apart. In the last hundred years, three totalitarian ideologies – Communism, Fascism, Islamism – have tried to enslave human consciousness. Their main instrument was radical separation: by class, by race, by religion. They practiced a Big Lie in a simple solution: kill all bourgeoisie, all non-Aryans, all non-Moslems – and God’s Kingdom will come.
6. Thus it will be the integrated consciousness that will save the world by creatively tying the parts into a whole. And it is in Israel that it should display its effectiveness. But who will crystallize it? Each wave of the aliya has served a function. The Ashkenazis established the country’s structure – its body and rational intelligence. The Sephardis provided it with a soul – emotional nature, close to the Arab one, and important for the coming peacemaking with them. Russian aliya must provide Israel with spiritual consciousness.
7. Spiritual? We’re not even religious; we don’t know rituals or traditions, and many of us don’t even believe in God – or, rather, are not sure He exists, though are certainly hoping in the existence of Higher Meaning. We grew up without Talmudic heritage and therefore are not Jews in the orthodox meaning of the term. We were formed by Russian and European Christian culture. Yet we are not Christians, either; while we accept Christianity’s ethical message, its dogmas are alien to us. We are an alloy, a synthesis of spiritual achievements of all cultures; we created ourselves as carriers of integral consciousness that reconciles everything. We are simultaneously internationalists and Zionists, Jews and Russians, Jews and Christians, Israelis and Russians, rationalists and mystics.
8. Our refusal to adhere to any single tradition or to belong to any closed established system constitutes our strength, rather than weakness. Modern science confirms ancient esoteric wisdom: as things rise, they merge. Once, in order to take shape, things had to isolate themselves – in religion, politics, or in a given field of science. At this stage of evolution, systems that wish to live and develop cannot afford to be closed and rigid; they must open up and find ways of creative synergy, not only in science and economy, but in religion, politics, and culture as well.
9. Thus the mission of Israel consists in demonstrating this synergetic consciousness to the world and untangling it by using all Israeli – in fact, global – knots. It is in Israel – specifically, with the help of Russian Aliya – that the world will see inspiring educational synthesis of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; of democracy and tradition; of Occidental and Oriental cultures. This synthesis needs energy to be vital and strong. This energy is love; but, rather than being based on forced sermons and emotional appeal, it will be based on the knowledge of spiritual laws.
10. The main strength of consciousness is its ability to grasp the unity of all things. The more evolved this gift, the more a person can change reality. This law lies at the source of all religions; it can be arrived through any tradition, and in this sense all religions lead to Truth. The Chosenness of Israel does not mean that Judaism is superior to other teachings, but that the Jews’ spiritual experience will make them the tuning fork of the new consciousness, where human behavior will be measured by his adherence to the spirit of religion, rather than its letter.
11. When Israel the Hypothalamus, this critical mass of spirit in a tiny geographical and national space, starts transmitting this qualitatively new signal, we will observe a quantum leap and transformation of the entire body of mankind.
12. What is Israel’s specific task in giving body to this new consciousness? The main problem today is its relations with Palestinians who are currently occupied by a totalitarian terrorist regime – a reincarnation of ancient paganism.
13. Israel has always saved the world from pagan vices. The atrocity of human sacrifice committed by ancient Philistines has come back in the form of Palestinian suicide bombers. Just as the Nazis built fire hecatombs of human victims for their pagan rituals, the Islamists lay their live offerings on the altar of jihad. The World Evil wants mankind to self-destruct, and if this Evil is not rooted out in the Holy Land, soon suicide bombers will number in millions, armed with weapons of mass destruction.
14. This Evil will not be stopped by dividing the Holy Land and creating the Palestinian state. Palestinian state is a beachhead for the world expansion of Islamism. If terror succeeds in forcing Israel to accept its foes’ conditions, Islamists will be convinced they can bring the whole world to its knees with terror. Growing and increasingly aggressive Moslem populations of Europe, Russia, India China, and the US will pursue this objective – Islamization of these countries – by all means necessary. One has to bear in mind that no country with a Moslem majority has ever been a genuine democracy. Just as creating the Palestinian state is a mere stage towards the “complete liberation of Palestine” (according to the PLO doctrine), so can the achievements of Western civilization – open democracy, liberalism, PR technologies, financial resources, and economic pressure – be Islamist weapons in their war on “infidels”.


1. Thus none of the existing solutions to date is acceptable either for Israel or the world at large. Land transfer or occupation is unacceptable as homicide. A New Oslo – give in to all the demands and create a hostile Palestinian state side by side with Israel – is impossible as suicide.
If Israel liberates Palestinians from the ruling terrorist regime, they will become the seed of liberation of the entire world of Islam. If Israel walls itself off, the cancer of Islamism will gather strength and spread through the Holy Land and the whole world.

2. No rational mutually beneficial treaties will help. Arabs reject the logic of “New Middle East”, thus (according to our logic of spiritual evolution) raising the challenge for Israel another notch: now the Jews have to find a prophetic – a one-of-kind inspiring spiritual – solution. We must discover a uniting spiritual metaphor; we must find an ideal that would inspire Arabs and Jews equally and would become the true guarantor of peace. The Union of Holy Land is such an ideal.

3. In practical terms it will translate into self-governed Arab enclaves, both Moslem and Christian, and the State of Israel bearing responsibility for general security, foreign policy, and observance of rights for all people and religions of the Holy Land. Other general issues like ecology, archeology, tourism, transportation, etc, will be dealt with by a Sanhedrin of sorts, formed by sheiks, rabbis, laic Jews, and Arabs. Together, Israel and enclaves will form The Union of Holy Land, whose passports may be issued to enclave populations.
This is not a dogmatic application of the formal right of any ethnic minority to separate; this is exactly the creative solution that all the world politicians talk about.


1. Can the Islamic world adopt this solution? Yes, since it is based upon both the Bible and the Koran. The Islamic tradition refers to the Jews’ full spiritual and political right to the entire Promised Land, the entire Jerusalem and Temple Mount, and prophesizes the Jews’ return to their land and subsequent prosperity for all.

2. Yet today most of the Islamic world is subjugated by the doctrine that constitutes a horrific distortion of the idea of Islam, just like Bolshevism was a distortion of the Christian idea of the Heavenly Kingdom.
As opposed to Islam, Islamism means blind slavish obedience to dogmas, distorted interpretations of Islam, which have replaced co-creation with the Almighty and the universal principle of the Good. In targeted destruction of “enemy” women and children, suicide, etc., Islamism violates every norm and tradition of Islam.

3. Traditional Islam whose positions are still strong in Turkey, Central Asia, and other non-Arab countries realizes that the proliferation of Saudi (relatively recent) heresy of Wahhabism (ideology of Islamism) with Judeophobia, anti-Christianity, and the call for world armed jihad represents a danger first of all for the Islam itself. Many anti-Wahhabist sheiks point out that according to the Hadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammad), ultimately “heresy will enter every Moslem house, and only 40 remaining true believers will resist it”. Some extraordinary brave and honest Islamic clerics, like Sheilh Abdul Palazzi, maintain that the heresy is hatred of Israel and that the salvation of the Islamic world lies in making peace with the Jews, or reconciliation between Ishmael and Israel.

4. On the basis of the Islamic tradition, Israel can transform the energy of Ishmael, the energy of passion and hatred, into one of creativity and love. Israel has no intention of chasing out or enslaving the Arabs who populate the Promised Land. The objective of Israel is to liberate them – to return them to the good and the light ensconced in their own tradition.

5. Israel is the hope of the civilized world in reconciliation with Islam.
It will do so not through condoning their actions, but by liberating Islam.
The Palestinians’ main motivation is preserving their values -- pride and respect. They must be inspired by assigning them a monumental task that in the whole Moslem world only they are capable of performing; besides material welfare, accomplishing this task will gain them enormous respect and satisfy their pride. Palestinian youths must be fired up with enthusiasm: if the whole world considers them barbarians, they will set out to prove the world wrong. They will be the vanguard force of the Moslem world; they will build a new reality; working with the Jews, they are capable of making this Land truly Holy – Holy Kingdom on earth and an example for the entire mankind. They must be inspired by what is already contained in the Koran and has been preached by Sufi sheiks: the great mission of Allah is to plant a seed for the New Era here in Jerusalem and to make covenant that will become the center of the spiritual network bringing the whole world together.

6. The Israelis should be inspired by this model as realizing their dream of Great Israel. Yet its greatness will lie not by moving borders a few dozen kilometers, but by spreading its spiritual influence to the entire region, from the Nile to the Euphrates, and on to the whole world, by demonstrating a new model for relations of different nations, religions, and cultures.

7. The West must admit that the war waged is specifically against Islamism, rather than abstract “terrorism”. Yet the war is not against Islam, but for liberation of Islam. All the healthy forces of Islam, the growing anti-Wahhabit front, are on our side.
The world community must indeed send international observers to Israel to oversee the Palestinian media, education, and religious training.

8. The ideology for both Palestinians and the entire Islamic world must be formed, with the active international support, by anti-Wahhabit clerics, who will provide young Moslems with new ideals and new inspirations, rooted in the Islamic tradition. Allah charged the young Palestinians who are currently committing the worst sin of suicide and killing of the innocent with the highest of missions: to make peace with the Jews and, working together, to save mankind by turning the Promised Land into the House of Prayer for all peoples.


1. In order to succeed against Islamism, the world community must work cohesively in four directions:
• massive anti-Islamist propaganda and support of anti-Wahhabit forces within Islam;
• independence of Arab oil;
• replacement of totalitarian and terrorist regimes in Arab countries;
• helping Israel in purging Palestinian population of jihad.

2. The world powers must finally create a strategic “axis of good” of Russia-Israel-USA in order to fight Islamism. American and Russian diasporas in Israel must serve as a bridge between superpowers.

3. Western and Eastern Christianity must also make peace; while they haggle over their “canonic” territories, their flocks turn Islamist. The Church can and must unite in its birthplace – Israel – through the return to their spiritual Father and helping Christian Arabs whose communities are being destroyed by Islamists. One practical example of reconciliation would be common protectorate of Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church over the Christian enclave in Bethlehem.

4. By currying favor with oil-exporting tyrannies and trying to buy (temporary!) loyalty of European Moslems at the expense of the Holy Land, Europe is hypocritically surrendering its role as bearer of civilization. Using the multicultural lie of all “traditions” being equal, it surrenders millions of Moslems to the slavery of their despots. Encouraging evil is a sin, while “shame of colonialism” is unwillingness to shoulder the burden of spiritual teachers. Europe’s cowardly withdrawal from the duty of standing up for truth constitutes the cancer of moral relativism, and Europe is facing a harsh course of treatment.

5. The West must offer the Arab world an alternative to the “Saudi initiative”: we will treat the Islamist plague by peaceful means (as opposed to war) in exchange for the Palestinians’ total repudiation of terror and the Islam’s adoption of Allah’s resolution about the Jews’ right to the entire Promised Land.


1. In order for the world to step away from the abyss where it is being pushed by Islamism, Israel itself must believe in its mission. Israel must head the world jihad – in the spiritual, rather than military, meaning of the term.
The Israelis must yearn to become one with the Creator more than the suicide bombers – but do so through life rather than death; through life of virtue, rather than that of formal religious rituals. The task of Israel is to reconcile intensive spiritual life with democracy and modern society.
2. In order to accomplish that, Israel must consolidate. Jewish people are the symbol of mankind’s consciousness. Fragmented consciousness constitutes schizophrenia. We must realize that the yearning to become one with the Creator unites all Jewish souls (as well as those of the rest of mankind), and the Almighty provided different social groups – both religious and non-religious – different aspects of holiness and different paths of achieving it.


This Third Great Ethical Jewish Revolution will not be powered by a wondrous revelation on the mount, or a miracle worker of a leader, or not even a new party. I will come from collective consciousness. Therefore, your creative participation in forming this consciousness serves as guarantee of success for this new (or, rather, eternal and reconceived) great unique mission of Israel.

Today this ideal of new Zionism may seem remote. Let us echo early Zionists: if you want it, it will no longer be a fair tale.

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