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A Vow Before the War

Obama’s appeasement of Islam and Turkey’s neo-Ottomanism have left Israel almost without allies. The Biblical prophecies seem to be coming true: nations are gathering forces against Jerusalem. We are encircled; the war seems to be inevitable. With Turkey, Syria, Iran, Hizbollah, Egypt (which has already held maneuvers in Sinai), Hamas, and the Palestinian “fifth column” coming against us all at once, a victory will require no less a miracle than in 1967. It will require that the Almighty Himself takes the place of the USA that has betrayed us. It will require that He saves His people again .

But why should He ? The last time – in exactly the same situation – we deceived Him. We squandered his gifts -–the miracle of 1967 - when we refused to take full possession of the Land of Israel, including the Temple Mount that He bestowed to us on a silver platter. We turned out to be lacking in spirit and faith, as the ten scouts of Moses, we were scared by the phantoms of "giants" and thus we were punished by the forty years’ wandering in the desert of the “peace process”, strewn with the graves of senseless victims, , and the bones of respect and fear that our enemies had once felt for us.

Right now we are back on the ledge: survival or death. We won’t be able to cheat the Almighty once again: “just save us, and we will mend our ways”. God is no fool – why would he save this kind of Israel, an Israel that does not wish to be holy?

Instead, this Israel wishes to be like everybody else and even shoddier: merciless towards its patriots, be it the impoverished new immigrants or the eviction-resisting settlers, and cowardly towards its enemies. Why would God save an Israel that keeps failing to nourish love among its tribes ("sectors") or to create common ideals, an Israel based on the rotten status quo compromise held by lies and bribes. There already has been an Israel like that – and God did not save it from Nebuchadnezzar and Titus.

God loves Israel. His covenant to nourish Israel as a light unto the nations is eternal and cannot be negated. That is why to save Israel’s soul, He can destroy its body once again. In order to prevent this from happening, our repentance must be so credible as to make Him believe: His children do not need such healing as suffering brought about by the destruction at the hands of besieging enemies.

If we want the Rock of Israel to believe in us and to deliver us in the coming war, we must enter into a national accord with Him. We must take a Vow as a nation.

When trouble befalls a single Jew, he usually promises in his heart: if You save me (cure me, deliver me from jail or poverty, oppressors or slanderers), I shall mend my ways, I shall do such-and-such, I shall no longer commit such-and-such sins. Of course, God wants us to repent before, rather than after the troubles, and one should not haggle with Him; but He descends to human weakness and usually saves whoever has given a vow – if the vow comes from the bottom of one’s heart.

Today, each of us who cares about Israel, wherever he or she might live, must take a personal vow: I shall break the vicious circle of my bad habits, be they mental or physical, if the Almighty breaks the siege around Israel and grants Jerusalem victory. For those who live in Israel the vow should incorporate to love the spark of holiness in another tribe. The Orthodox shall love the secular for their independent search of truth and work for the material prosperity of the Land; the secular shall love the religious for their loyalty to the Torah. This vow is obligatory . It is not an easy one and it will not be enough to save Israel.

Each individual represents himself in the face of God. But it is the government that represents Israel as a nation – the collective Jew. If it fails to give the Vow in our name now, we will be in trouble.

What is this collective Vow?

It is a vow to mend its political ways and become a true moral leader of the world – a Holy State (not to be confused with a Halachic one) which has cleansed itself from the true, not the UN-listed, sins. Enumerating Israel's internal (Jews against other Jews) transgressions will take volumes. Yet there are a few sins so deadly, which, once committed by the State, become the wounds that are incompatible with life of Israel – namely, hate for one’s neighbor, thievery, treason and idol worship.

Thievery consists of the State robbing the working Israelis with taxes and choking the weak with the Wisconsin plan and koach adam ( Israel's sweating job placement system). It is the impoverishment of middle class that has to support both the unemployed ultra-Orthodox and the rioting-anti-state Israeli Arabs. These two draining sectors of population need to be absorbed into the Army and the working class. Such reforms demand a heroic resolve, but the Israeli Government after winning the coming war, would get the mandate to enforce them

Hate of one’s neighbor, which may burst out as the abscess of the status quo is opened, should be countered with education, which will offer a unified Zionist narrative to all the tribes-sectors, showing that each tribe is precious and each tribe must contribute to the common cause-building of a nation and strengthening the state.

If it were the sole reason why we need to overcome the Axis of Evil – to enable the Israeli Government to create and maintain national unity even after the bombings – then God would grant us victory.

Still there are other reasons – other national sins to atone for. There is Treason - the neglect of our ideals, of our promise to reclaim the Land of Israel. It is the abdication of the government’s duty to defend their citizen’s lives at any cost, in particular by retaliating for any act of terror – and had this been the case, we would not have been brought to the gates of this war. It is the betrayal of those who trusted our Governments – Palestinian collaborators delivered to Arafat; South Lebanese Army handed over to Hizbollah and the residents of Gush Katif sacrificed to the Sharon's investigation.

In this Vow we need to be even tougher and not repeat the mistakes of ’67. The gangs of Palestinian Autonomy and Hamas have to be disbanded, and our external enemies, vanquished in the coming war, will have to absorb the Arab population of Eretz Israel and finally do their part in resettling their share of refugees among themselves as Israel has resettled the Jewish refugees from Moslem countries in 1948.

The Temple Mount must be made available for Jewish prayers once again and at least a theoretical opportunity for the Temple reconstruction must be created.

Moreover, we have to annex whatever land God leads us to in the course of a war. If the coming war will force us to bomb Aswan and reach Damascus, it might mean that God is giving us a chance to recover Eretz Israel from “the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates”. We have to do this, if only in order to render justice for those betrayed: to return Lebanese Christians to their houses in South Lebanon, and our hero pioneers to rebuilt homes in Gush Katif.

And then there is the sin of idol worship, of kneeling to the false gods of “international public opinion”, political correctness, and geopolitical status quo. We need to take a vow to lead the mission, abandoned by Obama's US – the mission of Liberating Ishmael from the obsession of Islamism. Israel has to become the leader of the Middle East – not for the sake of oil, but for the delivering the Arab world from its tyrannical rulers and totalitarian theology, for protecting the rights of Arab women and Arab religious minorities, for creating a synthesis of democracy and faith, of human rights and sacred traditions.

Did someone say America and Russia won’t let us? If God grants Israel victory in this war, He will also give her the strength to speak the truth to these super-powers: You have a choice between Christian regeneration and post-Christian degeneration. The former cannot be done without acknowledging and thus respecting Israel’s status as the source and the basis of your faith, and without joining its “family business”: bringing the light of the Bible to the Third World. Russia abandoned this quest long ago, while the US has done so recently, thus burying its chances for true greatness. Either you, Russian and American friends, get together again, as you did back in 1941, and create a Confederacy of Biblical Nations (if there are Organization of the Islamic Conference and Arab League, why not have a Biblical Alliance?), or you will be destroyed from the inside one by one.

These vows are the must for Israel’s victory.

Will you call these hyper-Zionist fantasies? Radicalism and megalomania ? Not at all . This is a vision of Israeli situation through the prism of spiritual history, since only spiritual history is the cause – and physical events are a consequence. Moreover, this vision is based on a precedent: back in ’67 Israel already held such a victory in her hands, and, had she asserted its sovereignty on all the Land of Israel, she would not be where she is today.

Besides, what do we stand to lose by taking such a Vow? Nothing: there is no need for signed paper or broadcast on CNN. We need it engraved in our national spirit: in the hearts of the people and in the heads of our statesmen.

Is living up to the Vow feasible? It is, for if God places all the enemies who besiege us - the Turks and the Persians and the Egyptians - in the hands of Israel, that miracle will provide a victorious government with a mandate for these prophetic steps.

What do we stand to lose if we do not take the Vow? We stand to get a divided Jerusalem, Arab autonomies in Galilee and Negev, a Judenfrei Judea and Samaria, and the whole country shrinking to the ruins of Tel Aviv ghetto.

l Our vision of the situation after the victory is crucial. If it’s in harmony with God’s vision, then God will be our co-Creator of this reality. If we want to preserve the status quo, then He will not be an ally of ours… but if not Him, who then?

The government of Israel, or at least the narrow circle of ministers close to Netanyahu, has to take such a vow. It does not need to be made official, though it is desirable to place your hands on the Torah. This procedure can be held without witness and stenographers since there is already a Witness and He already committed it to His book.

Netanyahu and his cabinet have to take this Vow on our behalf – on behalf of the whole of Israel. Then Zechariah’s prophecy will come to pass:

In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem ( Zechariah 12:6)

But the prophet also set a condition: And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the LORD of hosts their God ( Zechariah 12:5)

There is no choice. The Vow must be taken, and the Vow must be honored. Then, and only then, victory will be ours.

Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky is director of The Jerusalem Summit, an Israel-bases think-tank www.jerusalemsummit.org
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