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Jerusalem’s Alternative to UN

Opening remarks at the Second Jerusalem Summit Asia
In Seoul (South Korea)in 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear hosts of the Summit:
I am deeply touched by your hospitality and the hospitality of all Korean people.
This warm close feeling seems so much more striking if we pose this question: We belong to different civilizations, we speak different languages, we practice different religions, and we live thousands of kilometers apart. So what is it that we have in common?

You know the answer: We all want to live in a world that is free, humane, and prosperous. And we are committed to building this world be not through violence, but through wisdom, honesty, and mutual cooperation.

In order to secure the cooperation of a number of different countries and civilizations, we need to coordinate our effort. Who can be this coordinator? It can be an international body, or some country.

The modern world has both such an international body and a country- a world leader. But neither of them has been able to make this coordination work.

If we take an international body, the United Nations – it is an example of inefficiency and amorality. The UN has been unable to stop a single armed conflict or to bring a single tyrant to justice. Why? Because it functions on a profoundly amoral principle: it gives equal standing to both a democratic world and a totalitarian one. It doesn’t matter for the UN that totalitarian regimes despise the UN Charter, especially its human rights part, and use terror and nuclear blackmail for their political ends.
Unfortunately we can not respect the UN - an organization where totalitarian Libya chairs the human rights commission, and Syria sits on the Security Council while serving as an international terror base.

The other candidate for the coordinating job is the United States. We cannot belittle the achievements of this great democracy, yet even in the democratic camp there are many who do not wish to live in the single-polar world, where the center got the job through its overwhelming military, political, and economic might. US can be a leader, a great leader, but it can not be a unifying and integrating center.

If the coordinating center really wishes to bring all the parties towards a higher goal, this center must be a spiritual home to all nations, one that touches the most sacred strings in the hearts of all. The authority of such a place comes not from wealth or power, but from wisdom that sees what is the best and most holy in every nation and every culture and on the basis of that teaches the nations to work together and love each other.

2. Recently, a historic miracle happened in front of our eyes: after 2,000 years the Jewish nation has restored the State of Israel and its capital Jerusalem. Those who believe in the Bible are convinced that the divine purpose of this miracle is to make Jerusalem the true integrating and inspirational center of the free world: the center we just talked about.
Those who believe in the Bible see the revival of Israel as the sign of a great hope. For the Bible says that the restored Israel will be the center of World’ Reconciliation, an example of a society based on Wisdom and Holiness, and its capital Jerusalem will be the House of Prayer for all nations.

Of course, there are those who do NOT believe in the Bible, yet can be intellectually honest and sincerely wish to achieve harmony between civilizations. If they look at the map, they too will not find a better place for integration than Jerusalem.

Israel sits on the cusp of Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Israel is the source and the holy place for three world religions.
Spiritually, politically, and historically Israel is the place where the East meets the West.
The very fact of us gathering around the idea and the name of Jerusalem – The Jerusalem Summit – is another proof of these things.

If only Israel were allowed to live in peace on a tiny piece of land promised to her in the Bible, then Israel could completely commit herself to accomplish her mission: the conciliation and unification of fragmented humanity. As you know, the very world “Yerushalaim” means in Hebrew, “He will show Wholeness”, or “They will see Wholeness”. We are talking about wholeness and unity. Jerusalem is the answer to mankind’s main problem – the fragmentation of our existence.

Today this problem of fragmentation is more severe than ever. Even human consciousness is as fragmented as it has never been before. Now we have division inside Man, in the schizophrenic fragmentation of his psyche. We bring even more division as we seek to change our gender and genetic code. We bring division in the family when we allow it to degrade as an institution. We have more division in society as in appalling polarization between the rich and the poor, between the North and the South, the West and the East; finally, there are divisions between the tradition and the civilization, individualism and the communal spirit, the rational and the irrational, science and religion.

And today there are two major global ideologies that offer their ways to overcome fragmentation and achieve unity. One is Islamism; the other is Globalism.

Islamism proposes to bring the world together in the faith of fundamentalist Islam. They try to do it through pure Unreasonable Horror - through a terrorist war of Jihad.

The competing Paradigm is Globalism – it is uniting mankind through the pure Reason of Profit: through globalization.

However, both approaches are false. The way of Islamism ignores Personality of a free human being. It ignores Man as a partner of God. The way of Globalism ignores God as a Guide for a Man. This is not a clash of many civilizations, but, rather, a conflict of two decadent civilizations: Totalitarian Faith of Islamism versus Moral Relativism of Globalism.

Israel is destined to offer an alternative to these two options. Israel can manifest the integrating consciousness that will combine and harmonize the Eastern devotion to God and his commandments on the one hand - with the Western commitment to the individual and his rights on the other hand.

That consciousness of Jerusalem, that spirit of completeness, wholeness and holiness could be the true gift of the modern Israel to humanity.

Israel strives to serve such an example for the world as it fights to preserve its unique Jewish democratic nature, where “Jewish” stands for being faithful to tradition and spirituality, and “democratic” stands for social justice and modernity.

I am convinced that Israel would progress much further in perfecting this integration for the sake of humanity – if only it had a chance.

But the world refuses to give Israel a chance. The whole world, including UN and US, is pressuring Israel to accept the formula “Land for Peace”. One look at the map will make you see the absurdity of this formula, where Israel must surrender its land in order to get peace.

There are 22 Arab countries, and there’s only one Jewish country.
22 Arab countries, put together, are more than double the territory of the United States.

The territory of Israel is one-fifth of South Korea.
If we imagine the Arab countries as one soccer field, Israel is the size of a matchbook on this field. So if you take half of this matchbook and have it join the field, how will this bring about peace?
The problem is that the green field of Islam, led by its racist jihad ideology, does not want the Jewish state in its midst, be it the size of a matchbook, or even a single match. All over Islamic world – and especially in the Palestinian Autonomy -- schools, newspapers, and TV talk about nothing else but eradicating the Jews and their State of Israel. My colleague Itamar Marcus will later tell you more in his presentation about this modern Nazi propaganda.

If the Islamic world accepted the Jewish right to have one tiny state of their own, then there are humane, reasonable, fair, and effective ways to resolve this conflict. We consider the plan developed by the Jerusalem Summit, the so-called Humanitarian Solution, to be the optimal plan, and professor Martin Sherman, the academic director of the Summit, will be telling you about it later.

Yet the forces that work against the triumph of democracy, freedom, and humanism – these forces do not want the Free World to have a unifying, integrating moral center.

I take this opportunity to warn our friends in South Korea and all over South-East Asia of a great danger. Today these forces threaten Israel. Tomorrow they will threaten the whole world, and you personally – your country and your family.

After Fascism and Communism, Islamism is the third and the most dangerous offensive of a global totalitarian ideology against the Free World.

While the offensives of Fascism and Communism could bypass some countries and regions, Islamism will not spare anyone, since it will not settle for anything less than total world domination.

In the battle against fascism, the Pacific and some countries of your region were the arena of the fierce fighting. But most Asian countries were spared the battle.

During the cold war on communism, some of its hottest points were located in Asia: and the division of the Korean Peninsula is a said reminder.

Today, Islamism, following in the Communists’ footsteps, reaches every single country and deliberately tries to turn South East Asia into its beachhead. The Korean Peninsula in particular witnesses a dangerous trend of two totalitarian entities working closely together: Communism and Islamism. I am talking about cooperation between North Korea and Islamic radical regimes. Today you will hear more about this collaboration between North Korea and international terrorism from the presentation of Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld.

Indeed, just to think that a few kilometers to the north of us there is a totalitarian regime that would gladly massacre everybody in this auditorium if it had a chance – this makes me feel right at home. I might as well be in Jerusalem.

Democracies have many things in common, but Israel and South Korea have more things in common than most.
Both the land of Israel and that of Korea are divided in two.
We are both facing totalitarian regimes.
Yours is the Communist regime of the North Korea. Ours is the Islamist regime which de facto rules the Palestinian Autonomy.
Both conflicts are over 50 years old.
In both, a peace process started only recently, and both in Israel and in South Korea many fail to see that true peace is possible only between democracies. What we can have between a democracy and a totalitarian regime is a false truce, which the totalitarian regime will use to become stronger, to weaken democracy through blackmail and demands for concessions, wait for a convenient moment to attack and then strike against the democracy again.
If to us – both Israel and South Korea – human life is a superior value, our neighbors prize above all the triumph of their Satanic ideology.

Luckily for South Korean people, this is where similarities end.
In order to understand our situation, just try to imagine that you are facing not one, but 22 North Koreas, and that the international community is not on your side, but on the side of your opponent.

The source of this suicidal sympathy to the totalitarian Islamic regimes is easy to understand: these 22 countries, our North Koreas, are sitting on the hugest deposit of oil in the world.
Another reason is that the world has already realized the evils of Fascism and Communism. Yet it still has to discover that Islamism is an even greater evil.

True, after a few painful lessons Western leaders learn fast.
After the first series of terror attacks in London Tony Blair said that poverty is the source of terrorism. Yet a few days later the facts became known: all suicide bombers came from middle-class families. And they were not indoctrinated in a Taliban camp, but in a nice and cozy Islamic bookstore in a nice quiet British town of Leeds. So a few days later Blair changed his diagnosis. “It is the Evil Ideology that is to blame,” he stated correctly.

Thus we can arrive at truth through suffering. Or we could get there through knowledge.
It is enough to compare the new totalitarian ideology of Islamism with its two totalitarian predecessors that caused so much suffering in the last century.

Totalitarian ideologies also have much in common: they show contempt for human rights, they are forcing everybody to believe the same thing, they ban free inquiry and free expression, they put zero value on human life, and they are all devilishly cruel, with their poison gases, their concentration camps, their labor camps, and their suicide bombers.

They claim to unify, but their common method consists in radical dividing.
Communists divided people into the classes of proletariat and bourgeoisie; when bourgeoisie was to be destroyed, the Kingdom of Proletariat was supposed to come. Fascism radically divided the world into Aryans and sub-humans; when the latter (Jews, Slavs, Africans, Asians) would be annihilated, the Eternal Reich was supposed to reign for eternity.
Finally, Islamists radically divide the world into the Moslems and the infidels: when all the infidels are killed, converted to Islam or turned into the 2nd class serfs, paying protection money, then the World Caliphate will reign.

There is another thing they all have in common: each time Totalitarianism attacks the free world, it centers its offensive on the Jews. They are always the first but never the last victims. Hitler tried to destroy Jews in Europe. Only a miracle delivered the Soviet Jews from Stalin who planned to send all of them to Gulag in 1953, but died before he could accomplish his task. Today Islamism is trying to destroy Israel and finish Hitler’s work.

The Bible explains this obsession with murdering the Jews by the eternal war between God and Devil, where the Devil first tries to wipe out the People with whom the God made the Covenant first.

Those who don’t believe in the Bible, but believe in democracy, phrase it differently: in order to destroy the free world, the enemy tries to destroy its center, its integrating and inspiring ideal. The enemy tries to cut the nexus from which connecting spiritual cords go throughout the free world – and then the free world will fall into pieces. Pieces will be easier to conquer and destroy one by one.

Jerusalem is such a center. Jerusalem is such a spiritual nexus that holds together the free world.

And thus, my friends, I call on you: Let us together make this center stronger. Let us together make these spiritual cirds that join us through Jerusalem so strong that no one could ever tear them apart. Only then will our children be able to live in peace. In peace and universal harmony the ideal of which was born and will be manifested in Jerusalem.

Thank you.

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