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Jerusalem Summit Africa

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

We have been in your country for only three days, yet we have already felt your extraordinary love and your warmth. We are blessed by the feeling of brotherly unity that we feel here. This is not just a unity of nice people and their gracious hosts. This is the unity described in the Psalms (133:1): «Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!»

This unity is rooted in our common faith in the God of Israel, and his Promises about the coming Unity of the people of Israel, the natural born olive tree, and our Christian brethren – the branches grafted to it by God’s love.

For two thousand years Jews and Christians could not come together in that one tree of life, but now it is happening in front of our eyes.

Just look at the prophetic work of the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus, of International Christian Embassy and of Bridges For Peace.

That prophetic process of unification became possible because God has created a center, a magnet, a gathering point for this reunification of brothers – God brought back to life the State of Israel.

Restoring the Kingdom of David 2000 years later is an indisputable evidence that God remains true to the prophecies of the Bible. His promises are not some religious metaphors – they are a rock solid Covenant.

He promised that the dry bones, that Prophet Ezekiel beheld, would come alive, acquire flesh and come back to the Land of Israel.
He promised that he would gather the exiles from four ends of the world and bring them back to Zion.
He promised that destroyed cities would be rebuilt and children would be laughing in them again.
He promised that desert would bloom, and that Jerusalem would be rebuilt.
He said that His people would be tossed into fiery furnaces – which is exactly what the Nazis did – but He would save the remnant and return them to the Land of Israel and replant them in the Promised Land.

He did it all. Literally. I invite those of you who have never been to Israel to come and see the blooming desert, the revived cities with biblical names, the exiles who came back from the four ends of the world – from Ethiopia and Russia, from America and Iraq, and hear the children laugh in the streets of Jerusalem.

The revival of Israel is the most vivid evidence that God remains true to His promise.
It is also the most vivid evidence that our history is a true one. The word “our” does not mean the Jews alone. “Our” means all those in this hall, all those who believe in the Bible. It means that the Good Book is true. That it is a working Plan for humanity, and it is being implemented on schedule.

This Plan tells us that we are close to something truly beautiful. That we are facing something great. There is a clear sign to it. Because every time God brings the Jews back from exile, from the House of Bondage, He brings at the same time a new Revelation which brings the new light and the new life to entire humanity.

When the Zionism of Moses has triumphed and Jews left the House of Bondage in Egypt, the world got a spiritual breakthrough called monotheism and learned about the Creator, the God of Israel.

Then the Jews found themselves in exile and in slavery again, this time in Babylon.

And again they came back. The Zionism of Nehemiah and Ezra and the second return of Jews to Jerusalem – gave an impulse to the movement of repentance and atonement, to the great prophets of Israel, crowned by the coming of Jesus and that has already brought billions of people to serve the God of Israel - the God of the Bible.

And then there was the Third Exile, the most horrifying one of them all. The return from it, the Third and Final Exodus is going right now – even as we speak. We live inside the Bible, inside the Holy Days, the times when the Almighty kept his word and brought his exiled people back to the land.

So what should the world expect to receive through this latest and final Exodus?

That’s what the Bible says:

“Israel will be back in her land that God promised to her as en everlasting possession. And Righteousness and peace will flow like a mighty river from Jerusalem and cover the earth like the seas. – that’s Isaiah.

“This is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD: I will put my law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. (says Jeremiah, 31:33) and further:
And no longer shall each man teach his neighbor and each his brother, saying, `Know the LORD,' for they shall all know me."

It means that when the people of Israel and the land of Israel unite again, then the man’s human nature and his holy nature will reunite too, and the Coming of the Messiah will draw close.

«When the Lord shall build up Zion, then shall He appear in His glory!" (Psalm 102:16)

Once the Messiah comes back to the revived Jerusalem he will revive all things.
All wars would cease. Each man would live "under his fig tree" in equality and justice.
The child would play with the viper so that there would be harmony between mankind and the animal world. Nature would be fully restored: the trees would "clap their hands" and the Dead Sea would become a sweet water lake.

At this conference we will discuss how Israel could be a blessing for Africa. We will be talking about new technologies and the War on Poverty. They are all beautiful fruit. But the root of the blessing is this: Israel has come back in order to become the center of the transformed humanity, the center of the new unity of nations, which will open its gates and say to all: We are coming together not because we fear one another, as they do at the UN, but because we love one another. The wisdom of Israel is to see the seed of holiness in each and every one and use it as basis for unity. This is what will bring people to Jerusalem, and this is why - as Zechariah foretold – “10 gentiles will take hold of the sleeve of a Jew and say, we shall “go with you for we have heard that God is with you.” (8:23)

This is the Jerusalem road to unity and PEACE.

Let me say a couple of words PEACE.

Humanity’s constant quest of PEACE is what makes History.

A man wishes to have inner peace, he wants to avoid the agony of choice, a conflict between his heart and his mind.
A man wishes to establish peace in society, avoiding conflicts between the poor and the rich, between the strong and the weak.
Finally, a man wishes to establish peace between nations, to stop wars and hate.

From peace of mind to social peace to world peace.

And there are two paths leading to that Peace: the Path of Babylon and the Path of Jerusalem.

The Path of Babylon is the path of enforced uniformity. This is the way of Totalitarianism.

What does the Path of Babylon offer for your mind? A total mind control. If you are afraid of even thinking something wrong because you’ll get stoned or thrown in the camp, you will reach a peace of mind of sorts – but it will be a peace of a slave.

For Peace in society the Path of Babylon offers a police state that excludes any disagreement with the power.

Finally, for peace among nations Babylon is offering an Empire, where all nations submit to Emperor and one single imperial ideology.

The path of Babylon indeed leads to peace. But it is a temporary peace, and a peace of Bondage.

The path of humanity is littered with the remains of the Empires that brought about this peace: Egypt, Assyria, Rome, Byzantium, Mongol’s Golden Horde, Ottomans, Hitler’s Third Reich, Communist Russia.

The Path of Jerusalem is a direct opposite. It is the path of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. It is the path where Man accepts divine laws of his own free will and voluntarily joins other men and nations on the basis of these laws.

The Almighty made Jerusalem the center and the leader of this world.
In Hebrew, Jerusalem is pronounced “Yerushalaim”, which means “It will show Peace”. And nations will enter that Peace, that unity of Jerusalem, through its different gates, preserving their cultural uniqueness, rather than being marched into unity with a stick.

And I will tell you more:

The victory of the Path of Jerusalem is at hand, because lately Babylon’s attacks on human freedom have become more frequent. In the last 100 years we have had three: Fascism, Communism, and now we are in the middle of the 3rd one – of Islamism.

They have a lot in common. They all speak of some morality. Yet all we see of them is their cruelty: Hitler’s gas chambers, Stalin’s camps, and Islamist suicide bombers and beheaded hostages.

They all claim to unify, but their common method consists in radical dividing.
Communists divided people into the classes of proletariat and bourgeoisie; when bourgeoisie was to be destroyed, the Kingdom of Proletariat was supposed to come. Fascism radically divided the world into Aryans and sub-humans; when the latter (Jews, Slavs, Africans, Asians) would be annihilated, the Eternal Reich was supposed to reign for eternity.
Finally, Islamists radically divide the world into the Moslems and the infidels: when all the infidels are killed, converted to Islam or turned into the 2nd class serfs, paying protection money, then the World Caliphate will reign.

Note that it is not merely the frequency of these Satanic attacks has grown, but their scale as well. Nowadays not a single country can sit out this battle. Let us look at your region. In the battle against Fascism, the sub-saharan Africa was spared the fighting. During the cold war on communism, some of its hot points have already moved to your region. Today, Islamism reaches everywhere: Nigeria and Sudan are soaked in Christian blood. Jihad ideology and terror cells of Al-Qaida and numerous other terror groups are active in every single African country, as they are everywhere on the globe – from USА to Philippines, from Scandinavia to South Africa.

Another sign that messianic times are ahead is that Babylon is attacking Israel with ever increasing satanic hatred.

Satan knows that each Exodus of Israel from the House of Bondage is a sign that another victory of the Jerusalem path is under way. That soon the entire world will rise out of slavery to yet another temptation to take the Path of Babylon.

In trying to stop yet another exodus of the Jews from slavery
Babylon employs two weapons. The first one is lies; the second one is death.

Let me remind you that the first genocide in Africa did not take place in Rwanda or in Darfur. The first Africa genocide is described in the Book of Exodus.

First the Pharaoh used lies:
Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we:
10: Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land. (Exodus 1:9-10)

In modern days, we call it a charge of treason. Thus the Pharaoh laid the foundation. And then he moved to his second weapon – Death – when he ordered that all Jewish baby boys be exterminated.

But the Jews prevailed. Led by Moses, Zionism triumphed.

The second genocide of the Jews almost took place when the Jews were about to leave the slavery in Babylon. The Bible tells us about the evil Haman, who first libeled the Jews to the King, and then drafted the edict to eliminate the Jews completely. Yet Mordecai and Esther saved the Jews.

The third genocide was committed by Hitler to prevent the Jews’ last exodus – this time from Europe.
This one also started with lies of Nazi propaganda – that the Jews were the agents of Communism, that they were the enemies of Germany, that they were the lower race, the cancer in the body of the Aryan people. And when the soil became fertile, then the Nazis unleashed Death. They killed one-third of all the Jews. Out of 18 million in the world, 6 million Jews were murdered in gas chambers and mass executions.

Today Islamism is trying to finish Hitler’s work. Iranian President is openly plotting the nuclear destruction of Israel. But the Islamist bomb is merely another Satanic weapon to emerge from the well-fertilized field of lies – lies that the State of Israel is criminal, that Zionism is illegitimate, that the Jews have no right for another Exodus.

Pay attention, brothers, and be careful: the closer we get to the Messiah’s coming, the more dogged the Devil’s resistance, and the more sophisticated his lies – not for nothing Satan is called The Great Deceiver.

Today, in order to sell his lies, he dresses them up in the language that causes progressive humanity to take the bate. I’m talking about words like racism, colonialism, apartheid, and occupation.

The enemy cynically uses the feeling of repulsion at his previous attack (the Nazi attack) and the fact that racism became a swearword. Thus he claims that Zionism is Racism.

No, my friends, Zionism is Equality. It says that the Jews are equal to other nations to have a country of their own. It is absurd to call Israel a racist country. Following the Bible, Israel gathers exiles from all ends of the earth, of all skin colors, of all cultures and ethnic groups. There are white Israelis and black ones, brown and yellow. Any human being of any race who wants to be a part of the people of Israel, can do what Ruth of Moab once did – say “Your God is My God and Your people are my people” and convert to become a Jew.

Yet another lie goes that Zionism is colonialism. That’s another blatant distortion. Colonialism implies the existence of a mother country, a native land, where their language is the state language, and their religion is a state religion, where they are in the majority, like Britain for the British Empire or Belgium for the Belgians. And then they settle somewhere overseas and exploit the land where they settle, like the British did in India or the Belgians did in Congo.

The Jews never had a mother country. For three thousand years, they had never had a motherland, except for the Land of Israel that had been promised to them. For 2 thousand years, three times a day, the Jews prayed to return to Zion.

And finally God heard their prayers. Is that colonialism? I call it justice. For the homeless found a home, and the humiliated and desperate found hope.

The new lie used by the enemy is a charge of apartheid. The more horrible the lie, the easier people believe it, said Dr. Goebbels, Hitler’s main propaganda master. This is certainly the case.

Jews are prohibited from living in most of Arab and Moslem countries, and where they live they are second-class citizens. In the Gaza Strip the Palestinians wouldn’t even let the Jews to keep their graves, and so when the Jews were expelled from Gaza, they had to dig out their deceased. A Jew who steps inside the territory of the Palestinian Autonomy will be dead and mutilated within minutes. At the same time 19 percent of Israeli population are Arabs. They are heads of companies, they are members of Israel’s Parliament, and one of them is even the Vice Speaker of Knesset! Many of these Arab citizens openly call for the destruction of Israel and collaborate with our enemies. It is possible that our democracy goes overboard in these cases and weakens itself – but that’s how a democracy operates.

Lately, enemies have been talking about the Apartheid Wall. Look at the facts in the brochure we handed out.

The Security Fence erected between Israel and some territories administered by HAMAS serves to provide security for all citizens of the Land of Israel – Jews, Muslims and Christians - who have all been victims of the horrific wave of Palestinian terrorism.

Remember that in 2000 Arafat rejected proposals of Israeli PM Ehud Barak. Barak was ready to create a Palestinian state in the cradle of Biblical history, in Judea and Samaria. Why did Arafat reject this generous offer? Because Arafat – in spite of his Nobel peace Prize - called himself till his last day “a warrior of Jihad”. He did not want to create a 23rd Arab state. It was more important for him to destroy the only Jewish state and thus performing the will of Allah. He wanted to become a new Saladin.

Since Arafat rejected in 2000 these Camp David offers and launched a new terror war, a new intifadah, Palestinian terrorists have killed almost 2000 Jewish, Christian and Moslem men, women and children. In proportion to the tiny Israeli population, that’s like 30 acts of September 11.

There is no border or natural obstacles between the areas controlled by HAMAS and Israel, and terrorists have a free access to any spot in Israel. When the death toll reached more than 20 times that of September 11th, Israeli government started building that Security fence.

And our enemies dare to call this Security Fence, which tries to stop Palestinian suicide bombers, an Apartheid Wall. No sir. It has no relationship to apartheid. It is a desperate attempt to save innocent lives. And that fence has indeed stopped most of the suicide bombers; the number of killed and maimed has fallen dramatically.

Yes, that Security fence has caused some inconvenience to a few Palestinians, who reside close to its route. Yet such inconvenience, which can be generously compensated with money, is outweighed by other considerations, which cannot be paid for. I am talking about the loss of human life.

And finally the most widespread lie that you hear day and night in the media – the one about Israeli occupation.

This can come only from someone who has never read the Bible or despises what it says.
A Jew who lives in Jerusalem or Hebron is no different from David and Solomon, from Isaiah and Jesus. He is not an occupant, he lives at home.

So what is this land that Israel is supposed to surrender in exchange for peace?
Let us look at the facts.

There are 22 Arab countries, and there’s only one Jewish country.
22 Arab countries, put together, are almost the size of entire Sub-Saharan Africa.

The territory of Israel is smaller than Lesotho.

And these 22 Arab countries deceived the world into demanding to divide this tiny Jewish Lesotho and give half of its land to Arabs in order to bring peace!

If we imagine the Arab countries as one football field, Israel is the size of a matchbook on this field. So if you take half of this matchbook and have it join the field, how will this bring about peace?

The problem is that the green field of Islam, led by its racist jihad ideology, does not want the Jewish state in its midst, be it the size of a matchbook, or even a single match. All over Islamic world – and especially in the Palestinian Autonomy -- schools, newspapers, and TV talk about nothing else but eradicating the Jews and their State of Israel. My colleague Itamar Marcus will later tell you more in his presentation about this modern Nazi propaganda.

If the Islamic world accepted the Jewish right to have one tiny state of their own, then there are humane, reasonable and fair ways to resolve this conflict and care about Humanitarian needs of Arab living in the land of Israel, who after 1967 started to be called Palestinians.

Do not fall for the media manipulation, when you see on your screens the Palestinian poverty, checkpoints, and the tanks that Israel uses to protect itself against the terror. This suffering is not caused by Israel. It is caused by the Satanic ideology of jihad that cynically exploits Palestinians and uses them as cannon fodder in this war. A Palestinian journalist once dared to tell the truth: “Arab dictators will fight Israel down - to the last Palestinian”, he said.

Don’t make a mistake, my friends. Israeli people do not hate Arabs. We want to liberate them from the ideology of jihad, from the Satanic spirit of death worship and spreading Islam by force.

We must come together to resist this new totalitarianism and build together the Kingdom of God based upon Biblical values. Jerusalem is the center of that Kingdom.

In front of our own eyes, the Bible believers are coming together around Jerusalem. Our meeting here is another proof of that.

At the same time the Biblical civilization is under attack. Africa is one continent where jihad is fighting most mercilessly.

Our African brothers must tell Jihad the truth: we can see through your lies, Satan.

We can see through your lies about protecting the poor. Your sheiks and dictators enjoy luxury, while your people are hungry, because all you feed them is hatred of Jews.

You lie about defending black Africans, whom you sell into slavery in Sudan and Chad.

You lie about religious tolerance, while you murder Christians in Sudan and Nigeria.

You lie about defending the weak and oppressed: your law of shari’a is nothing but satanic cruelty that denies rights to women, ethnic minorities, and people of different faith, while it deprives them of freedom of thought and expression.

You also hate Jerusalem, the center of our history. You want to deny us hope to bring there all the nations together in the spirit of God. We know you are lying: if Jerusalem ceases being a Jewish city, it will not be a Christian city either. It will no longer be even called Jerusalem, a name shared by both Jews and Christians – it will be Al-Quds. Just like Arafat chased away Christian Arabs from Bethlehem and turned this cradle of Christianity into a terrorist base – this is what the jihadis will do to Jerusalem. Don’t you know what Palestinians sing? “First we will do away with the People of Saturday, and then with the People of Sunday”.

Jihad hates Jerusalem because the enemy tries to cut the nexus from which connecting spiritual cords go throughout the free world – and then the free world will fall into pieces. Pieces will be easier to conquer and destroy one by one.

Jerusalem is such a center. Jerusalem is such a spiritual nexus that holds together the free world.

And thus, my friends, I call on you: Let us together make this center stronger. Let us together make these spiritual cоrds that join us through Jerusalem so strong that no one could ever tear them apart.

Only then will our children be able to live in peace. In peace and universal harmony whose ideal was born in Jerusalem, and with Lord’s Help it will be manifested to all nations in Jerusalem again.

Thank you.

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