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Closing Remarks. Jerusalem Summit Asia

I would like to thank again the organizers of the Jerusalem Summit Asia: the Kol Adonai Foundation, the Jerusalem East Gate Foundation and personally Mrs. Marisa Albert.

Let me tell you again that I see a global prophetic sign in this gathering. It’s not only a demonstration of devotion and love to Israel and Jerusalem.
It’s a sign that humanity is ready to create alternative forms of unity between the nations. Unity based not on political calculations, on forming blocks and coercing votes, like the one we see in the UN and other alliances, not unity based on the lust for profits like in globalization, but unity based on eternal moral values, on the word of God.

JS Asia is a sign that humanity is ready for the unity which is formed not around the centers of political and economic power, be it New York, Hong Kong or Brussels, but around the center of Moral Clarity and Divine Wisdom, around Jerusalem.

Let me share with you my dream.
I envision that others will follow your suit. I envision that there will be a Jerusalem Summit Europe, and JS United States, JS South America and JS Africa, JS Central Asia and JS Arabia - a new Arabia freed from the satanic hatred of Israel.
And each of these JSummits will unite the best minds and souls of the respective civilization who will together create a new Jerusalem-inspired model for decision-making: Decision through Wisdom, not Decision through Force as we see in the realpolitik, or Decision through Farce as in the manipulative voting, best represented by UN.
Tellingly, the number of major civilizations in the modern world comes to 12: as in the tribes of Israel and the numbers of gates in the New Jerusalem envisioned by the prophets.
And I believe that the day will come when 12 delegations of these 12 regional JSummits will start coming once a year to the main Jerusalem Summit in the capital of Israel to discuss the problems facing our entire human family, and collectively, in the spirit of Jerusalem’s wisdom and brotherhood, develop solutions which are based not on the shifting sand of political calculations, but on the rock of Truth.
That will be a Jerusalem Alternative to the UN.
That will be a Biblical alternative to the globalization.
That will be a Bible based model for global cooperation and global decision making.

This year, with God’s help, we plan to make a first modest step towards that vision.
Our Jerusalem Summit which is scheduled for the end of November will bring to Israel’s capital outstanding representatives from major civilizations to discuss several issues which are crucial for the survival of the free world and Israel. Together we’ll seek for solutions to these problems and for ways to cooperate in implementing these solutions.
The first issue is the resettlement and rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees, whose misery is cynically perpetuated by the Arab world and the UN so that the refugees can be used as a weapon against Israel. This is an issue where we need global cooperation, since Palestinian refugees are an artificially created wound that spreads poisonous hate throughout the Moslem world and feeds the terror of radical Islam.

The second issue is Liberation of Moslem women as a means for regime change. The Moslem world tries to paint Israel as an abuser of human rights, while half of the Moslem population, their women, are de-facto slaves, unable to exercise the basic human rights. This issue also has to be addressed by the entire global community, since the enslavement of Moslem women is a major rock on which totalitarian societies rest, and its collapse will lead to their collapse as well. Before Moslems learn to see Christians and Jews as their equals, rather than second-rate humanity, they have to see their own women as equals.
Developing alternative ideas for making closed societies open (Technology as means of fighting poverty; improving the democratic voting system) will be the third major issue.

I encourage you to take part in the Jerusalem Summit in Israel, and to be involved in working on these 3 programs.
I also encourage you to develop the Jerusalem Summit Asia, to form its permanent working committees, to involve all the important people of good faith from your region in its work, so that it becomes an integrating, harmonizing and enlightening center of the South-East Asia in the true spirit of Jerusalem.

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for staying with us and more importantly: for going with us on the path to our common goal, to making Jerusalem the center of the redeemed world.
Yivarehem Adonia ve iase lahem Shalom - May God bless you and give you Peace.

For feedback: info@jerusalemsummit.org