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Modern Israel’s Role in World’s Spiritual

Jerusalem Summit Asia. August 2004. Manila, Philippines.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When we had the first Jerusalem Summit last October in Israel, we hoped to gather in Jerusalem the people of moral clarity from around the globe. We succeeded, and I was happy: it was a sign that people of good faith are ready to close ranks around Jerusalem.

I could never imagine that our Summit will inspire its Filipino participants to create this event, and now, as I stand here, I feel more than just happy and more than privileged: I am in awe.
Because what we are seeing here in this hall is another sign of Biblical prophecies coming true.
Nations of the islands of the sea, as foreseen by Isaiah and Zacharia, are turning their eyes to the reborn Jerusalem. Moreover, they are uniting around Jerusalem, calling their righteous gathering a Jerusalem Summit Asia.

The question is: why does Jerusalem serve as this unifying and inspiring center? Is it only about the merits of the ancient Jerusalem, is it only for the sake of the holy places where King David walked, as did the Prophets, Jesus and Apostles?

Or is there a future hope that the reborn modern Israel brings to the entire humanity?

To answer this question, let’s glance back at the history.

History consists in humanity’s constant quest of unity: to overcome the disharmony and divisiveness on all levels: between reason and soul, between fellow men, between societies and within them.

There are two paths leading to Unity: the Path of Babylon and the Path of Jerusalem.

The Path of Babylon is the path of violence and totalitarian ideology. It is a way of submitting humanity to an Emperor, a State, or a party. Remember the Pharaoh, Babylon, Rome, Napoleon, and others.

The Path of Jerusalem is a direct opposite. It is the path of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. It is the path where Man accepts divine laws of his own free will and voluntarily joins with other men and nations on the basis of these laws. In Hebrew, Jerusalem, or Yerushalaim, means “It will show fullness”. And nations will enter that completeness, that unity of Jerusalem through its different gates, preserving their cultural uniqueness, rather than being marched into unity with a stick.

The victory of the Jerusalem Path must be at hand, because lately Babylon’s attacks on human freedom have become more frequent. In the last 100 years we have had three: Fascism, Communism, and Islamism. This means we are approaching enormous, prophetic, changes in history. Note that it is not merely the frequency of these Satanic attacks has grown, but their scale as well. Nowadays not one country can stay out of the fray. In the battle against fascism, the Pacific and the countries of your region were the arena of the fierce fighting too: like Europe and Russia. During the cold war on communism, some of its hot points were located here as well. Today, Islamism, following in the Communists’ footsteps, reaches everywhere and tries to turn South East Asia into its beachhead.

What is the center of Babylon’s attack? Each time Babylon attacks the free world, it centers its offensive on the Jews. They are always the first but never the last victims. The Pharaoh tried to destroy Jews in Egypt. The evil Haman tried to do the same in Babylon. Rome tried it in Judea. Hitler tried it in Europe. Only a miracle delivered the Soviet Jews from Stalin who planned to send all of them to Gulag in 1953, but died before he could accomplish his task. It is a double miracle because it took place on the Jewish holiday of Purim, which celebrates Jews’ deliverance in Babylon some 2,500 years earlier. Today Islamism is trying to destroy Israel and finish Hitler’s work.

Why are all totalitarian ideologies so obsessed with the Jews’ destruction? Why does this tiny people stand in their way?

The answer is that the Jews were Chosen – but not to rule or supress the others. They were chosen for an extremely hard and thankless mission: at humanity’s critical points, when the Evil’s attacks become intense, the Jews will provide a new level of consciousness, a new impulse of spirit, which will help triumph over Babylon.

The Jews are chosen to bring the consciousness of humanity to the new level of freedom and the new level of responsibility. New Responsibility. New Ability to respond to God’s challenge and His expectations of man.

By the Divine Providence, the Jewish nation cannot produce this new impulse if it lives in exile, but only if it returns to the Land promised to them – to the Promised Land. Only spiritual energy of the people of Israel concentrated in the narrow space of the Land of Israel is releasing this light.

Jews gave the first of these impulses when they returned from the captivity in Egypt. This impulse was transmitted by Moses – it was the advent of Ethical Monotheism to the world mored in darkness and cruelty of paganism.

Following their second return, from the Babylon captivity, Jews laid the ground for the birth of Christianity. We know how it transformed the world.

The past anti-Semitism of Church was actually an indicator of man’s failure to accept the new responsibility God conveyed through the Jews. Bad Christians hate the Jews not because they allegedly “killed” Jesus, but because they gave birth to Him. They hate the Jews because that Jew imposed on them such a high moral standard, such unbearable duty “to be holy like your Father in Heaven”, that they constantly feel guilty because of the failure to observe these commandments. But, since they cannot openly revolt against God, they revolt against the people He chose to transmit His will. As criminals try to kill a witness to their crime, so the sinners try to kill the Jews because Jews were made witnesses by God… Remarkably, those Christians who find peace with God, find peace with the Jews and start loving them!

Now, after 2,000 years of exile, we have witnessed the third and the final return of Jews to Israel.
What is the gift that Israel is destined to give the world now? What is that new impulse from the Jews that will lead to the coming of the new era – the era when all nations gather in Jerusalem, when God is One and His Name is One, when people no longer learn to fight, but make swords into plowshares; when no one tells his neighbor how to believe, but each will know God in his own heart.

Let us see what the consciousness of the world is now in order to understand what kind of consciousness can heal it.

Today human consciousness is as fragmented as it has never been before. Now we have division inside Man as in the schizophrenic fragmentation of his psyche, division as in changes in gender (today he’s a man, tomorrow he decides to be a woman!) and changes in genetic code (all that cloning), division in the family as in its degradation as an institution, division in society as in appalling polarization between the rich and the poor, between the North and the South, the West and the East; finally, there are divisions between the tradition and the civilization, individualism and the communal spirit, the rational and the irrational, science and religion.

And there are two ways, two wrong ways to mend these divisions. Let’s call them the Eastern Paradigm and the Western Paradigm.

The Eastern paradigm is the way of Islamism: it is uniting mankind through another radical division and totalitarian faith.

It’s a favorite tool of Satan – a big lie of radical division and a simple solution…

Communists divided people into the classes of proletariat and bourgeoisie; when the bourgeoisie was to be destroyed, the Kingdom of Proletariat was supposed to come. Fascism radically divided the world into Aryans and sub-humans; when the latter (Jews, Slavs, Africans, Asians) would be annihilated, the Eternal Reich was supposed to reign for eternity.
Finally, Islamists radically divide the world into the Moslems and the infidels: when all the infidels are killed, converted to Islam or turned into the 2nd class dhimmies, paying protection money, then the World Caliphate will reign.

The competing Paradigm is Western – it is uniting mankind through the pure Reason of Profit: through globalization.

However, both approaches are false. The Eastern way - Islamism - ignores Personality of a free human being: ignores Man as a partner of God. The Western way ignores God as a Guide for a Man. This is not a clash of many civilizations, but, rather, a conflict of two decadent civilizations: Totalitarian Faith of the East versus Moral Relativism of the West.

Israel is pre-destined to offer an alternative to these two options. Just like geographically Israel is located on the cusp of continents, of Western and Eastern civilizations, so in the humanity’s spiritual body the tiny Israel is destined to play the part of the hypothalamus, a tiny organ that coordinates the work of the brain’s left and right hemispheres. Israel must generate the integrating consciousness that will combine and harmonize the Eastern devotion to God and his commandments with the Western commitment to the individual and his rights.

That consciousness of Jerusalem, that spirit of completeness, wholeness and holiness could be the true gift of the modern Israel to humanity, clearing new straight roads in the desert for our God.

I am convinced that modern Israel would progress much further in creating this consciousness if only it were not besieged by the enemies trying to destroy it.

And this also confirms the truth of the Bible and the future mission of Israel.

Each time the Almighty returned the Jews to their land in order to elevate humanity to a new level of consciousness, his Enemy tried to annihilate the Jews:
the Pharaoh tried to do that before the Exodus;
the evil Haman plotted to destroy the Jews before the return from Babylon exile;
Hitler tried to wipe out the Jews in Europe when the Zionist movement was growing to take them back to the Promised Land.

Today’s Islamists – in their own words – are trying to finish Hitler’s job.

This savage hatred of Israel can be explained only by a Satanic obsession to erase the very name of Israel – an ancient Satanic passion that prompted Amalek who tried to annihilate the Jews in the Sinai desert.

This obsession cannot be explained by territorial claims. Israel’s territory is less than 1% of the Middle East. If we represent combined Arab lands as a football field, then Israel will be a matchbox in this field. How can we take seriously the diplomatic formula of Land for Peace? It is absurd to believe that if Israel agreed to divide this matchbox in half, their land claims will be finally met. They don’t need an Arab state number 22. They need to destroy the only Jewish one.

Let us imagine the unimaginable – what God will not allow. Let us imagine that the dreams of rulers in Teheran, Damascus, Ramallah, and others come true, and the reborn Israel is destroyed. Politically, it will mean a horrible defeat for the Free World: the terror will win its Great Battle and continue its victorious march across the planet. Democracy and civilization will be doomed.

But the outcome is even more terrifying from the spiritual viewpoint. It will be the real fall of mankind, a spiritual catastrophe that will touch the life of every person, from Africa to Philippines. This will mean the Victory of Evil – the victory of the Path of Babylon.

So let us pray that the Almighty does not let it happen. And I am convinced He will not, as long as he sees that people scattered around the countries and continents sincerely desire to walk to Him along the Path of Jerusalem and to protect His holy city that he made reborn for a great and beautiful purpose.

This is why I am awed by what I see here. The more powerful the Babylon’s attacks, the closer people of the world gather around Jerusalem. Jerusalem Summit Asia - is the proof of that.

I am Jewish, you are Christian, but I feel that we are indeed one family. We are separated by thousands of kilometers, but we are building and defending one Jerusalem, which exists in spirit in our hearts and on earth in Israel. I am sure that the Jerusalem Summit will inspire other continents and we will see the people of goodwill gathering at Jerusalem Summit America, Jerusalem Summit Europe, and Jerusalem Summit Africa. Because only together can we build the path to Jerusalem, whose fullness and peace the world is striving to.

Together we’ll make the path of Jerusalem prevail!


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